Thom’s photography takes flight

Kevin Thom may be an artist best known for the dramatic play of light and shadow in his award-winning photography, but, in 2003, his life was on a completely different trajectory. Running a computer school and store was not enough to satisfy his creative nature, so when a friend invited him to explore the world... Continue Reading →

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The heart of Heather Valley

Growing up and attending high school in northern Ontario, Heather Valley spent hour upon hour in the forest training to become a national level cross country skier. Music, her constant companion, opened up a world of expression and perspective that she otherwise didn’t encounter. The voice of Matthew Good and, later, Jason Molina shaped how... Continue Reading →

With finish and flair

The industrial buildings of The Cotton Factory are home to eclectic creatives, from Leslie Sasaki and Distilled Technologies Inc. to the Hamilton Aerial Group (HAG) founded by a professional restoration and decorative painter. A member of the Canadian Association of Heritage Professionals, Lori Le Mare is respected internationally for her precise and detailed work in... Continue Reading →

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